The Artists' Guide to Health Reform What's In It for You?

In the long journey towards reform, we’ve seen the rampant spread of confusion, misinformation, and fear. Over the past years, a lot of energy has been spent to deter the progress of change within the healthcare system. There has been plenty of drama and hysteria about how the law would mean the death of American freedoms and the destruction of our economy. This tactic is not new.

This is something we’ve all heard before. In the 1960’s, Reagan and his supporters claimed that the creation of Medicare amounted to socialized medicine, and would inevitably lead to the death of freedom as we know it. Fast forward a few decades, and this is hardly the case. In fact, Medicare has helped millions of Americans access vital health care when they've needed it most.

Does it limit our freedom to insist that we all participate in the health insurance system? A little bit, perhaps. But in exchange, we gain other freedoms.

  • Freedom to access preventive healthcare.
  • Freedom to enjoy an improved quality of life.
  • Freedom to get life saving treatment.
  • Freedom from the fear of devastating medical debt and potential bankruptcy.
  • Freedom from having to choose between paying the rent or skyrocketing insurance premiums.
  • Freedom from having to take a day job, just to have health insurance benefits.

Healthcare is really not so different from fire departments, public libraries, or schools. It doesn’t limit your freedom to pay your fair share for highway maintenance or food safety. These are public goods, and part of living in a civilized society is chipping in for things that benefit us all.

I am insured. I Have Health Insurance

I am uninsured. I Need Health Insurance

I run my own business or organization. I Provide Insurance for Employees

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