The Artists' Guide to Health Reform Notes

Fractured Atlas is a national non-profit arts service organization with a multi-disciplinary membership of over 15,000 independent artists and arts organizations. Our core service areas include health insurance, fiscal sponsorship, professional development, and advocacy as well as the nation's only arts liability insurance program.

We are not an insurance company. We try to provide our members with access to affordable, appropriate insurance options. We can't guarantee the availability, suitability, or sufficiency of any type of coverage for anyone. The information in this brochure is an attempt to summarize our experience.

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Special thanks to the following Fractured Atlas members, whose photos were used in the production of this guide: adam forest huttler, amerliaharnas, angelinegragasin, annatruus, blackbagpictures, brodriguez, chalkman, dubowski, elixir_theatre, etch dance, feliciamaria, fishandbicycle, garevlock, hybridmovement, imandilian, innercity, isaiahheaden, januspheredance, jessicareeder, keithskelton, lauren.logiudice, lavatican, lotoscamus, m.e.angelo, neurochic, noasagie, operamanhattan, rtgdance, skycyclex2, staceystormes, synapse, tenderthread, thaowarra, thaoworra, violetriot, wambui, zhenesse

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