The Artists' Guide to Health Reform I Have Health Insurance

Sweet! Job well done. You’ve taken the right steps towards protecting your health and continued long-term financial security. Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that it can knock you off your feet. You’re geared up and ready for anything.

Insured privately

As of now, there are no longer any lifetime limits on coverage. Previously, most health insurance plans included a lifetime limit (the most an insurance company would pay during your life) that once surpassed left you holding all the bills.

You can also now access free preventive care (like seeing a doctor for an annual physical!) All plans renewed after September 2010 will have preventative care included.

Most importantly, insurance companies now can’t drop your coverage if you get sick (or if you made a mistake on your enrollment application.) This is a major new consumer protection that was basically nonexistent until this point and immensely needed. Now you can rest assured that your health insurance plan will work the way it’s supposed to. It’s sort of like a warranty.

Insured through Medicare

Since 2010, you receive a rebate of $250 for prescription drugs if you’ve hit the coverage gap known as the donut hole. No annual or lifetime caps can be imposed.

Since 2011, you now pay nothing for recommended, preventive medical care. The government will begin phasing in discounts for generic and brand name prescriptions purchased in the gap (the donut hole.)

I’m glad the lifetime limits are gone! Will my coverage change in the future? Better Protections Now

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