The Artists' Guide to Health Insurance How It Should Work

At its most basic level, health insurance provides payment for healthcare services. When you need your annual physical, a cast for a broken leg, or surgery for appendicitis, your health insurance will either pay for services outright or make them more affordable. You pay a little now to save a whole lot later on. The monthly cost of being insured is the premium.

The purpose of insurance is to protect you against the unexpected risk of crippling debt. Fundamentally, insurance limits the total amount of money you would be responsible to pay out of your own pocket for large claims. This basic premise rings true whether you’re talking about home, auto, health, or life insurance.

By getting insured, you’re fixing the odds in your favor. Groucho Marx hit the nail on the head with this comment: “A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.”

Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of a running meter!

That sounds great, but health insurance is all Greek to me. Not to worry, we've got a glossary! A Little Vocabulary

Insurance plans are so confusing! How am I supposed to tell them apart? We've outlined it all here for you. Understand Your Options

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