Teaching Artists Property Coverage

Whatever discipline you teach, from visual arts to dance to metal working, you probably have property that you would prefer not to have to pay to replace. Property insurance covers all of these things: props, costumes, equipment, computers, etc. This coverage is also referred to occasionally as inland marine.

Don't assume that general liability insurance automatically protects your property as well. Unless property is specifically added to the policy, it does not. While a general liability policy may list "property" coverage, that is "property" in the real estate sense of the term: an actual physical structure.

Most property coverage includes a deductible in the $500-$1000 range, so if the value of your property is lower than or close to that deductible then this is not a worthwhile investment.

So I’ve covered myself and my stuff. Maybe I should look into health insurance too? Good thinking! Health Insurance

I keep hearing about disability insurance. What's that all about? An excellent question! Disability Insurance

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