Film Equipment Coverage

Whether you run around with your old Canon Zoom Double Super 8 or got hooked up with a fancy new RED camera package, you probably have equipment that you would prefer not to have to pay to replace. This coverage is also referred to as “inland marine” and is what a rental house will be expecting to see before they will let you take that camera package out the door. Also, if someone is asking to be listed as a “loss payee” on your insurance certificate, this is the type of coverage that you need to have.

This coverage can include your equipment as well as computers, film, sets, props and costumes.

Don’t assume that general liability insurance automatically protects your property as well. Unless property is specifically added to the policy, it does not. While a general liability policy may list “property” coverage, that is “property” in the real estate sense of the term: an actual physical structure.

So I’ve covered myself, my crew, and my stuff. Should I be thinking about copyright issues? Good thinking! Errors and Omissions Insurance

That’s nice, but I just booked a location in France. What should I do about protecting my crew while we’re abroad? Bon voyage! International Locations

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