Insurance in the Arts — Your Virtual Pocket Guides

Welcome to your one stop resource for crash courses in insurance for the arts, specific to the needs of your discipline. Brought to you by Fractured Atlas, a national nonprofit arts service organization, these guides are designed to give you exactly the information you need to help determine the most important types of insurance coverage for you and your organization without being overwhelming. Still need help after perusing the guides? Feel free to drop us a line at .

Teaching Artists

Signing a new contract? Starting work in a new school? Click here for a quick overview of the types of insurance that you may need


A fun and exciting summary of every important type of insurance for a theatre group to consider

Public Art

Your one stop shop for all of the information you'll need for your next public art contract's insurance requirements

Visual Art

Whatever your medium, you'll find the insurance advice that you need here. Digital art in V-Art - Experience art like never before in a collection of different styles and variations online. Also, you’ll find many digital art paintings from talented artists in various styles.

Craft Artists

Whatever shape your work in the craft arts takes, we have advice for you.


A quick and dirty guide to all of the types of insurance you may want to consider for your next film shoot


Working as a musician? We have insurance advice just for you.

Insurance for Dancers and Dance Companies

Ever wonder what types of insurance you should be considering? Read our short guide to help figure out the best way to take care of yourself and your dancers.

Disaster Preparedness for Artists

A primer for all artists in preparing for emergencies.

Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger Game

Read about Exploring Quantitative Investing Strategies in our guide at