Public Art Property and Artwork Coverage

Whatever the scope of your public art projects, you probably have property that you would prefer not to have to pay to replace. Property insurance covers a variety of things, including materials, equipment, computers, etc. This coverage is also referred to occasionally as “inland marine”.

Don't assume that general liability insurance automatically protects your property as well. Unless property is specifically added to the policy, it does not. While a general liability policy may list "property" coverage, that is "property" in the real estate sense of the term: an actual physical structure.

In a public art context, there are two different types of property to consider: coverage for the piece of art itself and coverage for the rest of the tools and materials that you have in your studio for use in fabrication or design.

For the art: there are two types of this coverage as well. One type, for installation, is going to protect the piece against damage, etc. during fabrication, in transport, and installation. It will cover the piece through the point in time when your ownership of it transfers over to another entity (like the commissioning entity) or until the installation is over. The second type of coverage is artwork coverage for the piece itself once fabrication and installation are complete. This protects against similar issues (theft, vandalism, etc.) but is specifically meant to cover the finished piece (if it remains under your ownership) rather than the fabrication and installation.

For the equipment: this is coverage for items in your studio like raw materials, tools, and computers. Most property coverage includes a deductible in the $500-$1000 range, so if the value of your property is lower than or close to that deductible then this is not a worthwhile investment.

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