Public Art Commercial General Liability

Though it may not be something that you have considered in your public art work thus far (unless you've already been required to have it!), general liability insurance is an incredibly valuable asset. While a company will likely have some resources at its disposal should a legal situation arise, for an individual there is little more than your savings account standing between you and an insurance claim.

This insurance covers you for two things: 1) damage to a location and 2) injury to an uninvolved bystander. It does not cover your assistants, your volunteers, your artwork, or your company property.

Some possible scenarios:

  • A visitor to a sculpture park trips over a corner of your piece and falls down, spraining his ankle. He then sues you for medical expenses.
  • Your artwork falls over and knocks a hole in a building. The city requires you to pay for the damages.

When do you actually need it? Almost every city requires that you show proof of coverage for liability insurance for the duration of an installation, possibly longer, or even before you sign your contract. Even if it is not required, it’s a great thing to have: $500 now is much easier on the budget than a $500,000 claim in the future.

I'm still waiting to hear about a contract and until I have that money I'm finding people who will work for free. The insurance company considers them volunteers. Do them a favor. Volunteer Accident

I keep getting commissions and I have thousands of dollars to pay my staff. That's spectacular! Workers' Compensation

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