Opera Commercial General Liability

This insurance covers you for two things: damage to a location and injury to an uninvolved bystander or audience member. It does not cover your performers, your volunteers, or your company property.

Some possible scenarios:

  • An audience member gets hit on the head by a chandelier falling off the stage during your performance. They then sue you for medical expenses.
  • A fight rehearsal gets raucous during tech and the performers knock a hole in the wall. The venue requires you to pay for the damages.

When do I actually need it? If you have your own space, then right away. If you do not have your own space (or if you do but also tour or produce work in other locations) then it’s likely that your venues will require that you show proof of liability coverage before you can use the location. Even if it’s not required it’s a great thing to have: a $500 investment now is much easier on the budget than a $500,000 claim later!

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