Disaster Preparedness for Artists Know Your Risks

First things first, let’s take stock of what you’re protecting yourself from. Risks can come from a variety of places, and knowing what you’re up against can help you prioritize.

  • Weather: What are the common weather events that happen in your area? (Heavy rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, etc.)
  • Your Activities: Is your work potentially dangerous? Do you work with materials, such as chemicals, that could be dangerous if not handled properly?
  • Property: Is your building potentially dangerous in any way? Does it have old wiring? Is the foundation cracked?
  • Nearby Businesses: Are you located near an industrial area? If a nearby business were to have a mishap, would you be affected?

Making a list of what you could potentially face is a great tool. It will help you decide what precautions you can take and what insurance you need.

Okay, I know what I should be worried about. I want to start thinking about my stuff! What are you protecting?

I’m worried about getting out of Dodge. Here’s how to make an evacuation plan! Evacuation Plan

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