Disaster Preparedness for Artists Flood Insurance

Did you know that most insurance policies exclude damage that is caused by flood? Insurance companies don’t like insuring against floods because they cause such total destruction, and it’s not a good bet for them, business-wise.

So what’s an artist to do? First of all, before purchasing any insurance policy, find out if flood damage is included. Read your quote!

If you need to purchase flood insurance, you can get it from the National Flood Insurance Program. They legally have to provide you with a quote, even if you live in a flood-prone area.

Do you even need flood insurance? What about FEMA? Many people think that flood insurance isn’t necessary, because the Federal Emergency Management Agency will provide assistance if there’s a big disaster. But keep in mind that a disaster needs to be declared a federal emergency in order for them to intervene, and most FEMA funds are loans, and must be paid back.

Keep in mind: Flood insurance doesn’t take effect until 30 days after you purchase it. This is to prevent hoards of people from signing up for flood insurance as they see an approaching storm. Get coverage well before you think you’ll need it.

I feel totally prepared! What about after the storm? Recovery

What can I do to protect items that I have to leave behind when I evacuate? Evacuation Plan

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