Disaster Preparedness for Artists Evacuation Plan

If disaster strikes, the first thing you need to think about is getting yourself and your loved ones to safety (and don’t forget your pets!). The more you can decide in advance about your evacuation plan, the easier it will be when the time comes.

Once you have a plan for the people in your life, you should think about what’s going to happen to your precious items. Can you evacuate some items with you? If so, decide well in advance what accompanies you when you evacuate, and what stays put. You don’t want to make that decision in a moment of panic, and regret your choice later.

For items that you aren’t evacuating, what can you do to make them safer where they are stored? Small adjustments in how they are stored could make the difference between a destroyed artwork and a salvageable one.

  • Raise items off the floor.
  • Move items away from windows.
  • If you’re concerned about flooding, take items out of the basement. If you’re concerned about tornadoes, move items into the basement.

But what about the things I can’t protect. Is there insurance for that? Good thinking! What insurance should I buy?

I’m wondering what my responsibility is after a disaster. Do insurance companies do everything? Nope. You’ll have some responsibility. Recovery

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