Disaster Preparedness for Artists Appealing your claim

We’ve all heard horror stories of insurance claims that weren’t covered after major disasters. If this happens to you, don’t take your claim denial as the final word! There are steps you can take to appeal.

Keep clear records. Log your conversations, or better yet, get everything in writing. Never send your original documents to the insurance company.

Talk with your adjuster. They decided what your claim settlement should be. If you disagree with the settlement, the adjuster should be able to talk you through why they came to the conclusion they did.

Talk to your broker. Your insurance broker (the person you most likely purchased the insurance from) works on your behalf. If you want someone on your side through the claim process, talk to them.

Write to the state attorney general. When all else fails, the state attorney general can help you fight for your settlement.

Okay, so let’s go over what to look for in an insurance policy again. Absolutely! What should I look for in a policy?

That’s it, I know everything that I need to know! Get me out of here! Congratulations!

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